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    Spam Index, Shopping Catalog & Co. – An Introduction to Anti-Social Rationality 

    Do you want to be the #1 top result on Google?

    No, thank you.

    To many people this reaction might seem odd.

    Let me backtrack a little. Yesterday I alerted yet another person of the fact that I can see they are using gmail.com as their email server (even though their email address shows merely their own domain name). I had initiated contact, and in the header information to their reply email – well, anyone can see this information, because it is in plain daylight, plain text, plain and simple – there was Google / Gmail. However, because most of the „users“ on the Internet are illiterate, many people think no one will ever notice that their correspondence is being shared with innumerable Fortune 500 companies and governments who are aligned with Google to harvest „insights“ from this data.

    My business contact was surprized, and broke off the contact. Of course Google knows who I am talking about, but I will nonethless respect this person’s privacy. If this information gets shared with other businesses (for example: competitors might pay money for such data, and simply add the cost to the price of their products and/or services), then it was not me, but rather the organization that is the world’s leading provider of industrial espionage software (aka Google).

    I am often disappointed and regret the widespread illiteracy. But at least I am not myself one of the suckers whose private information gets sold to the highest bidder.

    I think many people consider my complacency illusory and backwards. After all: If you want to show up on the Google website, wouldn’t you be happy to let them probe your interior, private and confidential business communications?

    No, not really – but thank you very much for the FREE OFFER! 😉

    I have many websites that rank very well (but no thanks to any sort of „special consideration“) on pretty much all search engines. Indeed, if there were a search engine they did not rank well on, then people would probably eventually avoid using it simply because the results on such a search engine would „suck“. Many years ago I sent Matt Cutts a „tweet“ showing him there was something wrong with Google and then they fixed it. You might be able to still find our exchange on twitter.com – but you would have to go back many years (I haven’t used twitter for… OMG, IDK how long).

    One thing you need to consider if you actually get a website to rank well on such so-called „search engines“ (BTW: many / most businesses which track „search engines“ are usually unable to define what is / isn’t a „search engine“), then you should be ready for spammers. If you are not ready, your site will be flooded with spam in a matter of minutes. Most of this spam is generated by robots, and robots work very fast. Being the top result on Google is an open invitation to having your inbox overflowing with love from a wide variety of „artificial intelligence“ machines. I, personally, have little or no interest in such robotic affection.

    I actually even have little interest in ranking highly on Google. In my opinion, the results are already so shoddy that I feel showing up on Google is sort of like showing up at a thug lineup. Most company websites where the company marketing team prides itself for its high ranking on Google are sending a very clear message to consumers: „We paid a lot of money to show up here, so if you buy from us you will probably need to pay a little more“. There is very little indication of quality or reliability from showing up on Google or Facebook or Youtube or whatever most people think of as a general „search engine“. At least Facebook seems to be honest about the need to pay money, but I really don’t think that would actually motivate me to waste it on reaching billions of people (and/or robots) with very limited literacy skills. Most such people (and/or computers) would probably not even understand (and/or act on) the most clearly written message anyways. They are usually primarily searching for a free lunch, flashing lights, bells and whistles – and I am not interested in offering anything like that. I am prepared to offer people and businesses affordable solutions, but I don’t want to be your slave.

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    Principle of Least Effort 2.0: Principle of Least Discomfort 

    Today I was reminded of George Kingsley Zipf’s Principle of Least Effort — and it occurred to me that this concept might need some updating.

    First of all: There is a popular belief that since computational power is virtually free today, the principle of least effort remains satisfied if a computer does all of the work. I have very strong doubts about this. Even if global warming could be predicted by counting all of the blades of grass world-wide, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to do so.

    But perhaps more timely is this one: If someone asks you to “bend over and spread ‘em!“, that would seem to indicate that you may soon experience some discomfort. I think humans generally avoid discomfort. Some people may not care, and I would even go so far as to observe that perhaps discomfort is also in the eye of the beholder,… — but in my opinion: There are some things I would be unwilling to tolerate for a free email address or some neat-o app.

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    To Do the Right Thing Means to Offer Solutions to Problems that are Simple, Direct, Quick and Easy 

    This can be summed up in 3 words: Less is more!

    Do you remember the days when Google lived by this golden rule? It’s hard, because today Google is offering so many different things, I am already waiting for them to offer Google Ginsu knives.

    But wait — there’s less! How about: to solve / fix just the issue that people want solved / fixed! This very moment — here and now!

    This kind of focus is what Addle Search is all about. We already have some prototype websites … and we will soon be launching a website where you can try out the technology as a “free trial” offer. This trial offer will not actually show the power of the Addle Search technology — but it will be a way for people to use the technology so they can get an impression for just how easy it is to use… — simple, direct, quick and easy! :D

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