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    nmw 13:07:25 on 2014/12/07 Permalink
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    The Future of Advertising is Extinction 

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    I know many people in the advertising industry often debate about whether brand advertising or direct response advertising will prevail. I have a very different opinion: Advertising will fail altogether.

    Note that I am not saying that there will no longer be opportunities for creatives. Instead, I simply feel that it will be increasingly difficult for brand names to dupe people into buying something, take their money and run.

    No doubt: Companies with inordinate amounts of crazy money will continue to invest inordinate amounts into crazy advertising campaigns — just look at Uber, awash with Google investments, spending it wildly on crazy ideas from an even more eccentric leader. Of course the people who use Google to find rental cars, taxis, etc. are paying for all of this nonsense (e.g. by having to use Uber, even if other alternatives might exist — but which Google will not show Google users unless that taxi company is willing to cough up the inordinate sums required to provide the kind of investment capital Google wants to invest).

    But ultimately corrupt companies will fail. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and you can fool all of the people some of the time — but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time (even if there is a sucker born every second).

    I believe Americans have to decide on which future they prefer: They could clutch onto the past, fixating themselves on meaningless brand names and retard media because they believe in the empty promises these brands make time and again, leading them down false paths towards deserted landscapes, burdened with debts brought on the by promising mirages used to sell student loans, mortgages paid on overpriced real estate land grabs, and all sorts of hocus pocus marketing tricks; Or they could overthrow these scheming schmucks and instead build an economy upon the social fabric of markets exchanging ideas and engagement that is focused on long-lasting partnerships rather than shortchanging your business partner in order to make this quarter’s profits seem rosier, or to shuttle such profits off to foreign accounts to pay for more long drinks for executives on some remote island resort.

    You may be shocked, but I think many — if not most — Americans will choose to continue to subscribe to the business ethics of duping your business partner out of some cash in order to invest it in new ventures on duping even more people out of even more cash. There are several reasons for this. First, I think there are indeed some people who would argue that it is human nature. I might not go that far, but secondly I do admit that it has become a very long-standing American tradition — right from the first days of the European invasion, for example when some of the first settlers bought Manhattan for a bunch of furs and the like. But perhaps one of the strongest indicators are those many empires throughout history which have also squandered their wealth on meaningless nonsense.

    So, to quote Dr. Seuss: UNLESS American people wake up and smell the coffee, the future will no longer belong to America — and in my opinion, I think it might be a very good thing if the future were no longer dictated by a bunch of illiterate ignoramuses.

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    Looking Back, Looking Forward 

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    Listening to some Dire Straits, I figure I might as well go down to the water line… ;)

    This year has been tremendous! :D This year has been stupendous!! 8O This year has been a blast and a half!!!

    I won’t recount everything, mostly because I don’t want to embarrass everyone. :P I will stop with the stupid smileys, though — in case you’re almost ready to pull out all of your hair ;) )….

    I choose to highlight one thing in particular: My friend Ted Ernst Sarvata‘s new podcast, the Purpose Podcast. I’ve been listening since he started it this past summer, and now I think I’ve figured out one of my purposes in life: To get people out of the way — of each other, and also out of the way of other forms of life. I have been deeply influenced by very many very smart people in this… and it was not a completely straightforward insight (at least not for me), and so I’d like to explain my thinking at least a little bit… or at least I’d like to try to do that!

    So here goes: There are (surpise, surprise!) some people who are simply letting their badness run wild, they don’t seem to be able to reign it in, and they make life difficult for us nice guys! I simply want to get them out of the way.

    One of the people who has influenced my thinking is entirely unknown to me. This person wrote an article titled: “Why I’m Not a Leader (and Why You Shouldn’t Be Either)“. I hope Sean Werkema will get a trackback (and maybe even sign up / join TAGSEO — and I also think you should join, too!).

    I think Sean put it very well, and whatever school turned him down must have too many too conservative thinkers to be a place to learn some new tricks!

    For Ted, I would add that I now guess that the Wisdom of the Language is probably a tool to achieve this purpose — but I am not sure. Maybe someday we can chat on the phone, and if he can record it, he can ask me questions and I could try to give somewhat coherent answers and/or explain something that still seems to be stuck in my brain as if it were molasses or some other strange gooey syrup.

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    To assume that everyone is listening to you is a very condescending attitude 

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    Earlier today I wrote “Great Expectations: When the Boss Talks, Subordinates Listen?” — but I think perhaps I didn’t underscore enough how a lot of people behave like bosses. The will simply “voice their opinions” and think that everyone else will sit up, pay attention and figure out the meaning.

    What you need to do is to figure me out — and I think most of my friends understand this distinction.

    On the contrary, most of people who publish articles or advertisements in the New York Times don’t. I don’t read the New York Times, because I don’t think the New York Times cares about me. I don’t search with Google, because I think Google cares more about the New York Times (and other companies) than it cares about me.

    Do you think you’re “front page news”? If so, then good for you… — but that don’t mean nothing to me. ;)

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    Be the Environment 

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    In a way, this is an extension of “be the change you want to see in the world” — but in another way, that quote from Ghandi is an extension of this expression.

    Of course: Ghandi made his quote long before I ever said something like “be the environment”… and I have indeed thought a lot about that quote over the years.

    On the other hand, “be the environment” is more general, and also involves many more ways of changing your own role (or perspective) in the world. For example: “be the environment” could be “be the environment others would like to experience”.

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